Sustainable Transportation

Cordele Intermodal Services is dedicated to providing sustainable transportation.

Sustainable transportation is the way of the future, and Cordele Intermodal Services is leading the way! Cordele Intermodal Services takes several measures to assure we are treating mother-nature with the utmost respect both in the office and on the road. We only have one planet, and Cordele Intermodal Services believes that everyone should take necessary measures to assure that we use less and conserve more. Our business model is centered around efficiency. CIS carefully matches imports and exports to assure that every mile driven is necessary for transporting goods.

  • Shipping by rail from Cordele to Savannah reduces emissions by 50% (compared to an all truck dray).
  • Shipping by rail eliminates emissions from trucks that would be idling at port.
  • One train can transport up to 200 containers. That’s 200 fewer trucks on the road!
  • Less truck traffic on the road means less time, money, and energy spent on road infrastructure.
  • Less truck traffic also means less rubber on the roadside and in the landfills.
  • CIS fully supports GPA’s green initiatives.
  • CIS keeps a green corporate office too. No plastic water bottles or styrofoam here!