cordeleShippers can save money, time, and energy using our rail service between Cordele, GA and the Port of Savannah.

Cordele Intermodal Services has a 40 acre container yard and rail ramp in Cordele, GA with an additional 1,200 acres available for future development. CIS owns a private fleet of tractors and chassis that transport containerized commodities from around the Southeast to our rail ramp in Cordele. Imports or empty containers are railed from the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah via the Georgia Central and Heart of Georgia railroads, to the Cordele Inland Port. Our fleet of trucks delivers the imports, then the containers are filled with commodities for exports. The full containers are brought back to our rail ramp and are railed back to the Georgia Ports Authority for export.

CIS is able to source equipment from ALL steamship lines that call the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, GA. Cordele Intermodal Services is a CY for Maersk Lines and CMA CGM – meaning CIS is a ‘stop/start’ location for the steamship lines. All steamship lines have pooled containers at CIS for various shippers. No matter what steamship line your shipping needs require, CIS can source the equipment!

By utilizing our intermodal services, shippers are able to maximize capacity not only because our train can move more, but also because CIS utilizes 100% loading capacity on each car. This saves time, money, and reduces carbon emissions by up to 50%. Intermodal shipping also relieves congestion at the Georgia Ports Authority; just one train can replace 200 trucks. Our trucks are able to make multiple turns in a day, moving 2-4 times the amount of freight than a traditional all-truck dray.

Cordele Intermodal Services listens carefully to each individual shipper’s needs and develops a specific strategic plan accordingly. Give our office a call today to see the difference Cordele Intermodal Services can make in your supply chain.

CIS offers:

  • Customized logistics solutions
  • Private fleet of 70+ tractors
  • Private fleet of 350+ chassis (All radial tires)
  • Reefer capabilities
  • Tri Axels
  • M&R
  • On-Site Fumigation
  • USDA inspections

*Chassis rates start at $20/day unless otherwise stated
*Contact us for a Dray rate.
*CIS gate is open from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday

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